200cc Silicone Breast Implants for Petite but Muscular Frame?

I'm only 5' 1", I do body-figure competitions so I'm fairly lean but muscular. I wear a 32A bra which I don't even fill! My doctor only wants to go with 200cc round silicone implants placed over the muscle. Will this size really make a difference?

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Yes, 200 cc breast implants can make a difference

If your goal is to look natural, at your height and low body fat percent, small implants are a must. 200 ccs may or may not be the ideal size for you.  Take a look at my gallery of more than 100+ women  you will see women with different breast implant sizes including with many in the 200 to 225 range

Your doctor can help you determine what is best by looking at a lot of the work he or she has done in the past.

In my plastic surgey practice it is not uncommon for me to use breast impants ranging in size from 175 to 350. rarely do I go larger than 350 and in most cases, the implants are between 200 cc's and 300 cc's. The patients I see desire a natural look. If an implant is too large it will never appear natural.
The size of the implants is only one aspect of a natural looking result from breast augmentation. The position of the pocket is also critical. We have all seen breasts that look too far apart, too close together or too high on the chest. These can all give an appearance of unnatural looking breasts and obvious breast implants.
Take a lot of time on the websites of plastic surgeons, read about their background, training and their philosophy. The websites should tell you a lot about your doctor. You shsould also check the physician with their state medical board and ask other physicians or medical professionals you know for recommendations. When you find several you like, call the office. If the plastic surgeons on the top of your list are not in your immediate area there may be a way of scheduling a telephone consultation if you are considering surgery.

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Sounds like an excellent plan.


In New York City, we use disposable implant SIZERS during breast augmentation surgery to find the ideal implant volume, before we open the permanent implants. That way there is no guess work.

But 200 cc's sounds about right. I also use round, smooth walled implants. For someone like you, they should definitely go over the muscle.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Depends on your examination and your goals


You will notice a difference from 200 cc implants if you are as small as you report. However, only you and your surgeon can determine if this will meet your goals. Also, keep in mind that if you are petite then the base width of your breast will be narrow. This limits the size of implant that can be put in safely without distorting your tissues. The base width is something that can only be determined by an examination. The location of the implants (behind the breast tissue versus behind the muscle) is important in you -- placing them behind the muscle may cause the implants to move up when you lift, but placing them behind the tissue may make them very obvious when you are wearing a bikini or low-cut shirt. These are all relevant issues to bring up with your surgeon. Once you've agreed on these items, I hope you'll be happy with your choice. Good luck!

Nina S. Naidu, MD, FACS
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You should determine the implant size

Most of my patients are conservative and do not want to look too big or un-natural. My patients try on the implants (we have sample sizes in the office) and find a size range that they find aesthetically pleasing. I then give my advice based on measurements of their chest and the implants dimensions. This allows the patient to select the size based on their aesthetics. You should try on the 200cc implants and see how they look on you.

Since you are thin and muscular, I would suggest placing the implants under the muscle. Even though many feel that silicone implants do not cause rippling, I have seen this happen especially in physically fit women. Going under the muscle may cause the implants to move when you flex but the rippling that can occur when placing the implants over the muscle can happen just from moving a certain way or leaning forward. Neither is perfect but I would recommend under the muscle. Good luck.

Parham Ganchi, PhD, MD
Wayne Plastic Surgeon
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It should be the implant size YOU want

The size of the implants should be the size you want to have with guidance from your doctor. 200 cc sounds reasonable given your body size. Larger ones might 'scream' implants. In a slender person like you implants over the muscle may show an implantedge or wrinkles in your cleavage. Consider having them placed under the muscle. In addition, if your nipple and areola are small, you may need an incision under the breast which could make a noticeable scar. Saline implants can go through a very small nipple.

G. Gregory Gallico III, MD
Boston Plastic Surgeon
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Under the muscle will cause visible distortions during pec contractions

I agree with your doctors recommendations re: size and placement in view of your small frame and activity level.

In my experience, placing the implant beneath the muscle could cause visible contratcions and displacemnt during your activities that include contraction of the pectoralis muscle.

Implants in Body Builders

It is a small implant, but it sounds like you are very petite also. It will make a difference yes, but it all depends on what you are looking for. You will likely be one cup larger, perhaps a 32B. You are always best to stay within the confines of your breast and body to avoid issues in the future. Going behind the muscle will prevent the implant from distorting during work outs and when moving your pec muscle, but if you have very thin skin and no breast tissue then it will make the implant very apparent. Just something to think about, either position you go for, in front of the muscle or behind has its drawbacks for you.
Good luck.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
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200cc Implants

It all depends on how much breast tissue you have now. 200cc will make a small, but modest difference if you have very little breast tissue. If you're looking for an improvement in you breast shape without anyone noticing, this would be the way to go. If you do want people to notice a larger breast size in you, consider larger implants. Good luck!

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