Uncomfortably Weird Feeling 6 Years After Saline Implants

I have Saline breast implants placed under the muscle. They are about 6 years old now. Once in a while throughout the years, I would bend down or do any activities, and feel a weird feeling like a movement inside my left breast. Now, all of a sudden, this feeling is there all the time. What could this be? I have no deflation and my breast have not changed its appearance. Both of them are much saggier than when I first got them but they have been like that for a way long time. Please help. I cannot find any answers for this discomfort in my breast (it's more uncomfortable than painful).Thanks

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Implant movement causes weird feeling

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I have heard this complaint from people in your situation. Over time, saline implants, especially those under the muscle, may get very loose. The pockets they are in becomes very big and they can move around a lot. Capsular contracture is also possible but it sounds more like yours have become loose. When you change position or your muscles contract, the implant may shift, causing a weird feeling. It isn't dangerous but if it is too bothersome you want a revision. Contact your doctor for an evaluation

Weird feeling in beasts

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This feeling may be caused by a number of things (scarring, rupture, leakage, etc.) One of the more common things would be scarring or "capsular contracture." This can be treated by removing the scar tissue and either replacing the implants or using the same ones. However, you should be examined in person to determine what may be causing your feelings. I hope this helps!

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