Do Sientra implants warranty against capsular contracture?

If so, how long does the warranty last? Do any other brands warranty against capsular contracture?

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Sientra "warranty" against capsular contracture.

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First of all, it must be made absolutely clear that no implant can prevent, warranty against, or eliminate all chance of capsular contracture (CC). Furthermore, capsular contracture is caused by whatever causes a woman's body to form a tighter, thicker, contracted scar around her implants, usually bacterial biofilm or blood.

Thus, sloppy surgical technique, or a break in sterile technique, or even contamination from normal intraductal bacteria can induce CC, and no implant can prevent that. What Sientra has decided is that they will sell their implants only to properly and fully trained and American Board of Plastic Surgery-certified plastic surgeons, not just any Dermatologist, "cosmetic surgeon," or doctor who is a "wannabee" surgeon doing cosmetic surgery without plastic surgery training. So Sientra has a built-in safety, training, and experience factor in whom they have using their implants, plus well-made implants. They also cost more, so that allows them a bit of leeway in offering free replacement implant coverage for 2 years..

BTW, the other two implant manufacturers also offer free lifetime implant replacement policies, plus surgical fee coverage for 10 years if there is an implant defect, like leak or rupture. But not capsular contracture.

I believe that Sientra's coverage for capsular contracture is certainly a bold marketing move to differentiate them as a manufacturer from the other implant companies. So is selling them only to board-certified plastic surgeons. If you believe that makes Sientra a better implant company, you are certainly entitled to that opinion. But just as Sientra selling only to "real" plastic surgeons makes them different (?better), then you must certainly realize that choice of surgeon is infinitely MORE critical in determining whether or not you develop capsular contracture, NOT choice of implant, surface texture, or replacement "warranties."

Because, if you get capsular contracture with Sientra implants, it still takes another operation to deal with it, just as it does with the other implant companies. But who pays for that repeat operation becomes a secondary issue of no small importance, so to many it may well be worth the use of Sientra implants, even if they do cost more up front. (Sort of like buying an insurance policy--you hope you don't have to collect.) CC occurs in about 3% of our patients undergoing breast augmentation. If 97% pay more for that CC "warranty" and never have to collect, then each individual has to decide if it's "worth it."

No right and no wrong answer here. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Do Sientra implants warranty against capsular contracture? Branded as SILIMED in Dom. Rep.

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Is my understanding and experience for more than 10 years placing  these implants that statistic rate of capsular contracture with SIENTRA ( branded as "SILIMED" here in Dom. Rep.) Silicone Gel Cohesive Texturized Cover Implants is so low that is "almost" non existent.

For that reason they do offer a Warranty to insure their product quality. 

So if  you have  this kind of Sientra  (Silimed in DR)  implants and develop  capsular contracture, they will send you, any where in the world,  a new pair of implants assuming cost  for replacement.

Adolfo Sesto, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Sientra® CapCon Care Program

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addition to offering an extensive warranty against rupture, Sientra® offers the
industry’s only capsular contracture replacement plan (CapCon Care Program).Despite being relatively new in the United
States, Sientra® implants have been used for years in other countries and come
with an excellent safety record.Consisting of a high-strength cohesive silicone gel interior and durable
outer shell, these implants offer innovations in shape retention, leak
resistance, and provide a natural look and feel to the breasts.In the event of a capsular contracture within
2 years of your breast augmentation, Sientra’s CapCon Care program offers a
No-Charge Replacement Implant.As
always, when researching your options for breast augmentation, be sure to
choose a board-certified plastic surgeon.To be eligible for the CapCon Care Program’s No-Charge Replacement
Implant, both the original implantation and revision surgery must be performed
by a board-certified plastic surgeon who fully complies with Sientra’s
directions for use.

Sientra capsular contracture warranty

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Sientra's data supports a decreased rate of capsular contracture with their textured implants, so they have backed up their data with a warranty.  If you have a Sientra textured implant and develop a Baker III/IV capsular contracture (where the implant looks and/or feels hard or distorted or you have pain) within the first 2 years following primary breast augmentation, Sientra will cover the cost of implant replacement.  At this time, Sientra is the only one of the three breast implant manufacturers in the US with this type of warranty for capsular contracture.

Samir S. Rao, MD
Chevy Chase Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 36 reviews

Sientra Cap Con warranty is for two years.

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To date Sientra's warranty is as the surgeon has stated below. Regarding this I have placed over 1000 gummy bear implants and have yet to see a capsular contracture with any Sientra implant or deflation.  Of course there is much to consider, as a single surgeon who has done over 4000 implants, there is experience, gentle technique, and postoperative care.  Although no implant can be completely free from the risk of contracture, it can be minimized as much as possible.  These implants currently have the best safety profile to date.  As a coauthor of a study that was published in our journal, also supports this as fact. 

Sientra warranty

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Yes, Sientra is the only manufacturer that does warranty but is pretty specific as stated by others.  It is for 2 years and the warranty is limited to replacement of the implants only.  This is still a plus that is over and above what others are offering at this time.

Sientra CapCon Care warranty

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Sientra is the only breast implant manufacturer in the United States that offers a warranty in case you develop a Baker grade 3 or 4 capsular contracture. The warranty is good for 2 years from the time of the initial breast augmentation surgery. It covers cost of the replacement implant only on the affected side. However, there is no financial assistance for surgical, facility, or anesthesia fees. Thank you for your great question. Best wishes.

Do Sientra implants warranty against capsular contracture?

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The warranty covers textured implants placed for primary augmentations under the muscle.  It is for a 2 year period. The warranty only covers a replacement implant, not the cost of the surgery itself. 

Sientra Implant Capsule Contracture Warrantee

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Yes, Sientra does provide a warrantee on their breast
implants for first time breast augmentation patients only. With this “warrantee” they will provide new
implants for you if you develop a capsule contracture during the first two
years. They will not give you any
money. Sientra was the first company to provide this since their
capsule contracture data was so much better than the other company’s data. However, in the last year or so, the other
companies, Mentor and Allergan have come out with similar breast implant
replacement programs for capsule contracture for their gummy bear implants. I have added a web reference and a video for more
information. I hope that helps. Best regards.

Sientra warranty

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The only company that will provide new implants and funds toward correction of capsular contraction is Mentor.  No other company does this and this is significant.  No company warrants that their implant prevents CC; this is impossible.  Mentor has stepped up to say if it does happen, we understand, and will assist in trying to improve the situation.  Good luck. Sientra parent company has been in the news recently for negative reason. You may want to look this up for general information.

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