What Does Post-operation Bra Do to the New Breasts?

Providing support or compression? I'm asking the question because my current one (sports bra) is a bit too tight on me, and I'm worried about the blood circulation of my new breasts. It becomes really uncomfortable when sleeping. Would it be ok if I just use one that is loose enough to provide support only, but not compression? Thank you!

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Post op bra too tight

If the bra is too tight and uncomfortable you should notify your surgeon to discuss options or their preferences.  In my practice, I recommend patients where a loose fitting bra that closes in the front, so they don't have to reach around their back, for three weeks.  Bras that are too tight may hold the implants up high and prevent them from dropping.  This could lead to the need for further surgery to reposition or lower an implant that ends up sitting to high.

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What Does Post-operation Bra Do to the New Breasts?

In general post operative bras give support to the breasts while the new shape of the breast is forming. They help hold the implant in position while the capsule is forming around the breast. I like my patients in some kind of gentle support bra, not too tight, for at least 3 months. No wired bras should be used either. Bras should have no affect on your breast circulation.

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Post-Augmentation Bra

Hello. A post-operation bra provides compression, reduces pain, and supports the breasts. If you feel that your current bra is too tight, you should get a larger size, as long as it provides some support and compression.


Jaime Perez, MD
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Sports bra after breast augmentation

Thank you for your question. I often recommend that patients find a sports bra that opens in the front and that is comfortable to wear. They can take breaks during the day and I also encourage breast massage after a week. It is important for your implants to move around and develop a comfortable space (or capsule) within the breast.  The bra should provide support, gentle compression to help with swelling and make your recovery process more comfortable.

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Compression and support

The bra is supposed to provide support and compression to help prevent implant displacement and swelling. If it's too tight you should find another one that is snug but a little looser (but not too loose.)

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Bra after breast augmentation

A bra provides support and compression for the breasts for the first eight weeks. It prevents your implants from being displaced and also can minimize swelling to some extent. If your bra is uncomfortable, please talk to your surgeon.

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A bra after most breast augmentation procedures is not critical


Most breast augmentation patients do not have a specific need for a bra in the early recovery period.  In fact, it is in this period that we are waiting for the breast tissue to relax and allow the implant to shape the breast as we have intended.  With larger breast implants and with thinner breast tissue it is conceivable that a bra in the early period of recovery will help maintain the implant position as the new capsule forms.  Since your plastic surgeon knows your body and goals better i would be ideal to ask him/her about the post-operative bra wearing instructions.

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Support Bra After Breast Augmentation

The support bra after augmentation should provide firm, but comfortable support - ideally along the lower and lateral borders of the breasts.  If it is uncomfortable or painful, then it is too tight.  Front clasps or zippers work the best in terms of ease of use.  These plans are surgeon dependent, so you should check with yours to confirm what he or she recommends.

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You did not mention how far along you are from your surgery. In our practice we tell our patients to wear a camisole for the first 6 weeks after that you are able to wear whatever you want. If you implants have not dropped into position you should not be wearing anything that is going to hold them up in place. Sports bras are good if you out far enough the tightness has nothing to do with the circulation.


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Post-op Bra too tight


Thanks for your question--you should really address this one to your surgeon.

Surgeons each have their own post-op care plans-some of us use bras, some ace bandages, some bandeaus, some nothing but a light dressing. So obviously, there is no one right way to do this.

A  dressing of any kind that is too tight is a potential problem. Loosen it now, and call your surgeon.


Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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