Does The PICO Toner Work?

According to claims it works on fine lines and wrinkles, facial lifting, tightens pores as well as body toning. Is it worth the investment?

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Pico works best on discoloration and not tightening up the skin or changing your texture, or adding volume. A consultation would allow us to provide you definitive recommendations.

Does The PICO Toner Work?

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PICO can remove  superficial skin aging changes such as pigment, fine lines and sun damage.

However this technology will not tighten facial skin significantly.   If you have sagging skin then a facelift is the only effective option.


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Yes, especially if you have darker skin types. I am just about to post a video together with before and after photos of myself having this procedure. I am skin type 3, Asian, I had 3 treatments 2 weeks apart (really pushing it). 

It works. The before and afters show a marked improvement in skin tone- especially fine wrinkles, and pores. This treatment works better in darker skin types because the pico targets pigment. This in turn stimulates collagen production- what we term the 'Spring Effect'. 

Video and pictures will be up in 2-3 weeks, so stay tuned. 

Dr Davin Lim
Laser Dermatologist

PICO Toner works great--for the seller!

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With respect to Dr. Krant, I believe you are not asking about PicoSure laser (commonly used for tattoo removal) treatments, but the PICO Toner facial muscle stimulator sold by a company called NeurotriS. They claim proprietary "Constant Waveform Morphology" microcurrent stimulation of facial tissues without actually causing facial muscle contraction.

By their own website information, the CEO holds a Masters degree in Electronic Engineering and is a paramedic; their medical consultant and Clinical Director is a Board-certified OB/GYN and a diplomate of the American Academy of Anti-Aging; their Directors of Sales and Training, and Research and Development both have the same last name as the CEO, and the R&D Director has no advanced degrees, but does hold numerous technician, assembler, and maintenance certificates.

None of the above is considered negative at all; however, this is certainly a closely-held "family business" and what they are selling is a $500 microcurrent machine, $150 each for 8oz. bottles of "Stem Cell Molecule Gel," $18 each for 8oz. bottles of saline (with "Natural Mediterranean Sea Salts"), $400 Quad Pico Probes "with 8 contact points for 4 times the effect." ("Standard probes" are only $150 a pair.) The "recommended" power cord is only $59, and the client "kill switch" (actually, they call it the "client shutdown switch") is $89. Don't forget the "Silver sculpting gloves" needed for the facial treatment at $95 a pair.

Don't ask what their SX4500 body machine costs; it is apparently only available to lease, that is, after you decide to drink the Kool-Aid.

Iontophoresis is another of their claims, but what is it that they are actually delivering to the tissues, and what is the purported effect? Oh, I forgot: "wrinkle reduction, toning, tightening, lifting, increase of circulation, collagen, elastin, tighten pores, and more!"

BTW, I've got some "special Arizona desert shale which when combined with my algae-infused pool-hydration" can cleanse pores, reduce wrinkles, tone crepey eyelid skin and make you skin feel ever so cleansed and youthful after you wash off that goop." Really . . .

So if you decide you accept the scientific/educational backgrounds of the company officers and the development of truly breakthrough products that can really show some benefits, you will be set back by at least $1000 if you go for the "whole pico package."

Well, to be fair, you can drop $1000 on a few syringes of Botox and HA filler, but at least you get a demonstrably-visible benefit from these FDA-approved pharmaceuticals sold only by physicians. And those effects last 4-9 months respectively. There is a reason that Botox is the number one non-surgical treatment in the US.

Will the PICO Toner do anything at all? Well, other than lightening your purse or wallet, it looks pretty harmless, and the descriptions are suitably pseudo-scientific. Take the time to watch their 12-minute and 14 minute videos--If you have any electrical engineering background, or are even an electronics hobbyist, you can see how the words "effect" and "treatment" are used often and without actually describing what is being delivered ("constant waveform") and just what it is supposed to be doing at a macro or micro ("pico"?) level. And, wow, they use an oscilloscope! (I used one of those in high school freshman electronics.)

Anyway, I am not trying to tear down a company's product or officers, but their single before and after photograph is too small, lit with significantly-different light sources, and not at all convincing that any benefit is achieved. Remember, this is on THEIR website, and presumably was chosen as the BEST of their outcomes!
If you decide to go ahead and buy this product, please let us know your results.

And remember, the Emperor really IS wearing very fine clothes! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

PICO (PicoSure) Laser for Facial Toning gently resurfaces and smooths fine lines. @LSSCNY

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The PicoSure tattoo removal laser has found an amazing new calling. Without creating holes in the surface of the skin like some more aggressive resurfacing lasers (Fraxel CO2), it gently rejuvenates fine lines, sunspots, redness, and dullness. You are left with some redness that may last a few hours or at most about a day, but no scabbing, crusting, or wounds to heal. The changes continue to improve for months after treatment. It can even help to smooth difficult acne scarring. If there is any visible tightening of the skin, it is minimal compared to the other effects, but since it stimulates collagen remodeling, there is no doubt this is an additional factor.

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