Can the O-Shot help with Urinary Incontinence?

Would the O-Shot provide any relief for urinary incontenence?

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O-Shot for Urinary Incontinence

The O-Shot procedure can treat both stress and urge urinary incontinence for 90% of women, while increasing lubrication in the vagina. Many women experience uncomfortable vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence caused by aging, pregnancy, menopause and other medical conditions. Urinary incontinence can affect women of all ages, but the issue is most prevalent among older women. Another benefit of these injections are more youthful and smoother looking vaginal lips.

Femilift is another non-surgical procedure that helps with urinary incontience.

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O Shot for Incontinenct

Yes, the O-Shot is for urinary incontinence.  It rejuvenates lax tissues and helps with leakage when coughing, sneezing or exercising and allows women to hold the stream longer after sensing the urge to urinate.  Many women have had life changing results without having to monitor the location of the nearest restrooms or live with embarrassing accidents.  Some have even been able to resume exercising for a healthier lifestyle.  Of course it also helps with lubrication and sensation as well as lichen sclerosis or painful vaginal scarring and thickening.

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Urinary incontinence and the O-Shot

Thank you for your question.  Many women will experience improvement in symptoms associated with incontinence after the O-Shot.  There may be certain conditions (e.g after pelvic surgery) where there are strong anatomic reasons why you may be experiencing incontinence.  However, many women will experience improvements with their stress or urge incontinence with the O-Shot.

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It does help with urinary incontinence alone or in conjunctive with Thermiva or similar treatment.  Good luck!

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Possible incontinence improvement.

Many women who have received the O-Shot have enhanced sexual pleasure with the added benefit of improved urinary incontinence. The injection of the the patients own Platelet Rich Plasma with growth factors into the Clitoris and anterior vaginal periurethral region may stimulate collagen, blood vessels and nerves. The combination of the O-Shot and MonaLisa or THERMIva has synergistic effects to improve urinary symptoms.

O Shot and Urinary Incontinence

Thanks for your question!  Improving urinary incontinence is one of the best side effects of the O shot.  Most women see an improvement with this in the first several days following their O shot!  Totally awesome!  Best of luck to you!

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