Is this normal after Fractora fractional? (Photo)

I did fractora for actions about 2 weeks ago for minor vertical lighting he's on my neck. Now my neck looks like I'm over 50. I'm 31, in great shape with no sagging or crepey skin anywhere. It's been 2 weeks , is this cause by dryness?? What's going. Please I need advice, the dr that performed it is brushing me off. I don't know what to do ; I'm really upset. What are my options here? Will this get better on it own? By the way he used the highest setting and you can still see the punctured dots

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Is this normal after Fractora fractional? = it is possible #fractora #skintightening

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Fractora is a revolutionary radio frequency treatment that tightens the skin with less down time than other treatments like faxel, laser, etc. During the healling process, the skin could become dry and look "more wrinkly".

In my practice, my patients should moisturize the fracture treated skin for several weeks until the healing process happens 

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Neck fractora

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at two weeks, you are just past the inflammatory phase so there could be a bit of dehydration of the tissues resulting in this appearance. I would see what it is like at about 5-6 weeks. if it still looks like that, your treating doctor should be consulted.

Rick Balharry, MD
Calgary Physician

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