Can my teeth be fixed by six month smiles? (photo)

Can My teeth be fixed by six month smiles? I have no straight maxillary anterior teeth with cross bite tooth #6,7,10 and 11. Any other options, can you please give to me. Thanks.

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6 Month Smiles works great

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The goal is simply appearance, so while it CAN be done, the bite issues may not be adequately addressed.  Many of my adult patients understand and don't care.  This case looks like a great candidate for 6 Month braces.

However, in 6 months, the smile will look a LOT better, but it will not be "perfect".  If you really want "perfection", you really should see an orthodontist and see what it would take.  It will likely be 2-3 years, but that may be a "perfect" investment for you.

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