Enlighten Laser: What color of tattoo inks can effectively be removed by this laser?

Can Enlighten remove all colors of tattoo ink?

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Enlighten 3 Removes All Colors of Tattoo Ink

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Awesome Question and I am happy to say YES, the newest Enlighten 3 by Cutera can remove ALL colors in all Skin Types because it has 3 different wavelengths and since it has Picosecond technology it can do so faster than the other older Tattoo Removal Lasers! 

We love removing tats with the Enlighten 3 often remove tats in 6 or fewer sessions making this more affordable, less painful, and less time consuming for you.

Hope this helps, 

Dr. Amy 

Marietta Physician

New Cutera Enlighten III

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The newest version of the Enlighten laser features 3 different wavelengths: 1064 nm for black ink, 532 nm for red and yellow ink, and 670 nm for blues and green ink. 

James Silberzweig, MD
New York Radiologist
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