Can Sculptra Get Rid of "Ripples" on my Cheek & Lift the Corners of my Mouth?

At the age of 60 one side of my face has started to sink in & I have several "ripples" across that cheek. They look like the undulations left on the sand when the tide goes out. They are not lines. I've had 5 rounds of Sculptra injections & although my cheek is now fuller the "undulations" are still there although not so noticeable. Any advice on what can/could be done. Also can Sculptra be used to lift the drooping sides of my mouth?

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Can Sculptra Get Rid of "Ripples" on my Cheek?

Thank you for your question. I have never been overly impressed with fillers "lifting" areas of the face. They improve some aspects of the face, but lifting is best done with surgery and muscle correction inside. The "lifting benefits" are frequently overstated, and the benefits are minimal at best. For volume, a filler is great. Lifting, surgery is still king. I hope this helps.

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Without seeing you in person this is difficult to assess.  You may be a good candidate for surgery at this time.  I would encourage you to see a facial plastic surgeon for a consultation.  

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Can Sculptra get rid of "ripples" on my cheek and lift the corners of my mouth?

In general, the addition of volume can do the following:

1) Fill
2) Lift
3) Smooth facial wrinkles

I would really need to see photos or perform an exam to give you the best advice. Sculptra is typically injected into the temples, cheeks, in front of the ear, forehead, beneath the eyebrow, and jawline, so it may be beneficial in the area you describe. How long ago was your treatment with Sculptra? If it was fairly recent, there is a chance you are not yet seeing the benefit. The volume will generally appear over 1 to 4 months. Patients that are older will require an additional injection of Sculptra spaced out every 4 weeks.

In regard to the drooping sides of your mouth, it depends on the main cause of the drooping. If a patient’s etiology for their sagging skin in the face is due to facial volume loss, then Sculptra can be effective in improving sagging skin. I hope this helps answer your questions, and good luck to you.

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Sculptra can help, but will not replace a facelift!

It sounds as if you have put up a good fight with Sculptra, but without over-inflating your loose skin, the proper treatment here sounds as if you may need a facelift! Of course, personal examination is essential, but perhaps your injector is more interested in the income stream of on-going Sculptra use, when your best interests may be served by repositioning the deeper tissue layers, and tightening and lifting the loose facial skin. For several examples, click on the web rerference link below.

Facelift will also improve drooping mouth corners, and other options exist as well! Make an appointment with one or more ABPS-certified plastic surgeons, and find out if this is for you or if more Sculptra is still the way to go. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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