Sculptra Removal. How Do I Break Down The Nodules So The Discomfort Goes Away?

I thought my problem was with my chin implant placed over 12 yrs ago, its been sore at times over the last 2 weeks., I got a ct scan today, bone looks good, implant looks good. No infection either. However 2 yrs ago I had sculptra in my chin area. I have nodules now which I can't see but can feel that rest around my implant. Is there a way to break them down so that the discomfort goes away?

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Since the Sculptra was injected 2 years ago, I am unclear as to why you would be experiencing pain now.  I would highly recommend that you see an otolaryngologist for an evaluation.

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Sculptra nodules go away over time

Sculptra nodules go away over time. They can be massaged if they’re not visible. Generally we do not recommend treating them but if they are bothersome, massaging them will help them go away the fastest. There’s no material that will break them down. If they’re large and palpable they can be broken up by injecting fluid directly into them.

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Chin nodules

This is an unusual history and it requires a complete head and neck examination. I'm not certain why the CT was performed and what the exact finding were, but if there are dense scar tissue nodules from sculptra injection, there may be some evidence of such on CT due to tissue density. I am surprised sculptra was injected into a chin with an implant since sculptra is meant to be injected deep and generally just above the bone where the implant would be positioned. The injector may have injected too superficial which is generally why the individual may be able to feel "nodules". I recommend first seeing a facial plastic surgeon for a clinical exam and if its nothing more than collagen nodules, corticosteroids with or without flurouracil or even hyaluronidase injection may improve the situation.

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I am concerned that they are painful.

Dear Kathy,

I know I can't interview you on this site, but I have a concern...I assume, of course, that you made no error in the dates that you listed: 1. chin implant 12 years ago, and 2. Sculptra injected 2 years ago. It is very unusual that the Sculptra nodules would give you discomfort now.

I think that it would be best to see an otolaryngologist for an examination. This is to make certain that there isn't any condition in the soft tissues in the area. Once this is confirmed, I agree with Dr. Campanelli, corticosteroid injections frequently help.

Kind Regards.

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Discomfort Around Chin Implant

Nodules related to Sculptra can be broken down with steroid injections and massage.  You should go back to the person that did the injection for evaluation and management of this problem.

Joseph Campanelli, MD
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