Is It Okay to Go Scuba Diving with Tissue Expanders In?

Is It Okay to Go Scuba Diving with Tissue Expanders In?

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Scuba Diving and Tissue Expanders

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Tissue exapnders are essentially a type of saline filled implants.  As long as your incisions are completely healed and your surgeon has cleared you to resume activity as tolerated, you should be OK to dive.  Have fun!

Dr. Basu

Scuba Diving With Tissue Expanders

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Thanks for your questions -

As long as your incisions have adequately healed there should be no harm to your implants from scuba diving.  This is also true for permanently placed implants (either cosmetic or reconstructive).

I hope this helps!

Expanders and scuba?

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It's ok. Funny that this is not an uncommon question. I've had two patients ask me this recently. One of them did several dives and lived to tell about it. On a serious note it's basically the same thing as diving with saline breast implants and you should not have any issues. You would want to be well healed from surgery though and it's not a bad idea to let your PS know what your are up to as well. Have fun!! Dr Kerr

Tissue expanders and scuba diving

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Provided that you are completely healed and in good physical shape, it probably is not a problem to scuba dive, but I would confer with yoru surgeon.

Tissue expander

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Having the Tissue Expander should not be effected by scuba diving or flying or any changes in atmospheric pressure. Enjoy your scuba diving.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Tissue Expanders and Scuba Diving?

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Thank you for the question. 

Assuming you have healed well  and  have “reconditioned” after surgery (and appropriately trained...),  there should be problem with tissue expanders in place and scuba diving.  Check with your surgeon in regards to timing (in relation to your surgery).

Have fun.

Scuba Diving and Breast Expanders

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There is nothing magical about breast tissue expanders. Taking them to the depths amateur divers go to should not compromise them in any way. But, to be sure, please ask your surgeon.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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