Post DIEP Bulge and Charlie Horse- What's The Cause?

I am 11 mos. post DIEP and 4 wks post stage 2 (a little lipo done on abdomen) and have had a random cramp on lower rt side for last 9 mos. and slight bulge on rt side where cramp happens. I am still swollen from stg 2 but this bulge is soft when abs are tightened and bulges more than rest of lower abdomen when I bear down. My PS is out of state (had bilateral MX with immediate reconstruction) so I had not planned on going back to see him. Can't get great pics to show you (fingers encase bulge)

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Bulge after DIEP Flap

Although rare with the DIEP flap, patients can still get bulges/hernias in the area where the muscle was split to remove the diep flap blood supply.   This will need to be repaired and is often easier to do earlier in the development than later on.

I would undergo evaluation by  a plastic surgeon who has experience in this procedure for definitive recommendations.


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DIEP flap and bulge

A bulge in the lower abdomen even aftter a DIEP flap may be the rsult of the weak muscle that was left.  Sometimes the bulge is treated with mesh if it is due to a weakness. You should probably have this checked out.

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