How Much Does It Cost to Become Flat Chested?

im a B 34 and i want to be flat chested (but then you will look like a guy!) i dont care i want them gone there miserable i hate it i dont see myself as a girl anyways, i have been considering this for 2 years now and my mind isnt going to change can i please get an idea on the price

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B cup reduction is possible


Reduction of B cup breasts should be relatively simple.  It is a subcutaneous mastectomy through a 3 centimeter pericardial incision.  It is the same as reduction of male gynecomastia. Fees range from 6 to 7 thousand dollars.  Your sexual preference notwithstanding the procedure is straight forward.


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Considering mastectomy for gender re-assignment

Thank you for your question.  Yes, this is possible, and it is a similar surgery to mastectomies that are performed on men for gynecomastia.

There are several centers around the country that offer gender re-assignment programs.  This usually involves a minimum of a two year process.  The first year is counseling regarding the risks, benefits, and alternatives for wanting to switch genders. This is also a time to think long and hard about surgery because after the surgery, you can't go back and make it like it didn't happen.  Sometimes, it addition to counseling, hormone therapy is instituted by medical doctors for masculinization of the female body.

One aspect of these programs is surgery. One of these surgeries is nipple preserving mastectomy for women seeking anatomic masculinization.

I recommend you see two or more board-certified plastic surgeons to discuss the details of how this surgery would best be performed on you and discuss specific pricing.

The price should be similar for male breast reduction surgery for which I found one price in Texas on of $3700. You will get different prices from different surgeons depending on geography and experience.

I hope this helps.

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Breast Reduction to " Flat Chested”?

Thank you for the question.

I have taken care of several patients in the past 2 years  who have wanted to be as flat-chested as possible.  sometimes these patients undergo surgery as part of a “transition” process ( gender identity).  Often, it is helpful for my standpoint,  for patients to have undergone a period of counseling to ensure that their decision is a well thought out decision etc.
During breast reduction surgery is important to maintain the blood supply to all the breast tissue and the nipple/areola complexes. The blood supply to the nipple areola complexes are maintained via a “pedicle”. If this pedicle is made to small or narrow in the quest to achieve a very small breasts,  the blood flow to the nipple/areola may be compromised resulting in a ischemic nipple/areola and complications that are potentially difficult to treat.

Sometimes, when patients are very clear about their goals to achieve a very small breast size (almost flat),  then it is best to do the breast reduction procedure in 2 stages.  This allows the breast tissue and nipple/areola tissue to  acclimate to the decreased blood flow during the first stage before further reduction is performed.

It will be important to select a plastic surgeon carefully. make sure you select a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon and see lots of examples of his/her work.

Costs for surgery will depend on the specific practice;  often,  costs are determined after consultation,  during which time a specific plan is determined.

Best wishes.

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