I Just Got Scar Revision (Punch Excision) for an Icepick Scar, but Now my Scar is Raised. What Now?

I was told that punch excision plus dermabrasion would help a few of my icepick and boxcar scars. i had one scar done and now my scar is raised and red, more like a hypertrophic scar now. I had the scar excised about a month ago and had the dermabrasion done about 2 weeks ago. It is healed now but the redness and raised area makes it harder to cover with makeup than before. Should I jsut get more dermabrasion or is this not the right procedure for me?

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Scar revision for ice pick scar

  I agree with Dr. Resnick.  It will be hard to get useful information off of this site, especially without photos, for the question you are asking.  While it is possible that you have a bad result from the dermabrasion, it is much more likely that there will be continued improvement over the next several months.  Work closely with your doctor.

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Raised healing after punch excision for acne scars

It takes about 6m for a scar to look the way it is going to look forever. Remember, you are exchanging a scar you don't like for one you hope you will like better. There are many ways to help scars along, and you will need to work closely with your physician. dilute cortisone injected into the site maybe indicated; pulsed dye laser will also help.

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