Can Punch Excision Surgery Be Used to Treat a Lip Piercing Scar?

I have a scar that looks like a hole in my middle lower lip from a lip piercing. The hole is right below the vermillion line. I was wondering if punch excision surgery would be a reasonable option for augmenting the appearance of the scar. I would rather have a small horizonal scar from a suture than a hole. And it seems like the scar left from the surgery would fade much better than the hole ever would.

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Lip piercing scar treatment

Lip scars from piercings can be effectively treated with a simple punch excision especially if they are not too big under local anesthesia and the end result is typically a small wrinkle. I hope this information helps.

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Scar Treatment: Common Questions

The main issue with your piercing scar is that it represents a tract that starts at the surface of your face and enters your oral cavity. For complete closure it would be best to have the entire tract removed so as to prevent the formation of a cyst. The exterior scar can be minimized, but it would be better if the tract was excised with precision and a tissue sparing approach (e.g. scalpel excision).

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Can Punch Excision Surgery Be Used to Treat a Lip Piercing Scar?

Yes but I recommend excision of the canal of skin from the piercing. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski

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Scar removal after Lip Piercing

Dear Washington DC3440, your idea of a punch excision is not bad and would likely close the skin side with a small scar.  

  • However, your piercing had an opening between the skin and mouth called a fistula.  If some of the lining from the mouth stays in the piercing site, you could develop a lump (cyst).  
  • From repairing children with cleft lips and small cancers of the lip, we know that a vertical scar will likely fit into the puckering lines of your mouth better than a horizontal scar. 
  • A very small, delicate knife can be used to excise your piercing hole and repair both the inside and skin layers.

 I would recommend consulting with a facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon to discuss your options.   

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