I Have a Scar from a Nose Piercing, What Are the Costs to Laser Remove? (photo)

its very small but still very ugly on my face. On average how much would it cost to remove it at a medical spa with lasers? I am a bit new to these kinds of procedures and I'm confused in finding someone who can help me. I dont have a lot of money either so I'm looking for a solution within my 100-200 budget.

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Tattoo scar on nose from piercing

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This grey-blue tattooing that you see on the side of the nose is typically due to metal particles being deposited into the dermis of the skin. At present, there are no good lasers for this, so if you want it removed/treated, surgical excision is the only way to go. Best to speak with your dermatologist or plastic surgeon about this.

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Forget the laser

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It might be that the scar is too small to warrant treatment. I cannot tell from your image. Don't fall under the common impression that lasers are the only way to go with scars. Get to a good plastic surgeon and have your options explained.


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John P. Di Saia, MD
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