Will This Scar on my Nose Fade/disappear Completely with Time? (photo)

I caused this scar on my nose myself unfortunately. I've had it for about three months now; it used to be bright red and far more messed up. Do you think this scar will fade by itself naturally with time? Will the darker areas become normal skin color? If not, what treatments would you recommend? Any particular scar cream or should I do something like laser surgery/dermabrasion etc? I know nothing of these treatments. Thank you.

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Given the information that you provided, it appears that your scar is heading in the right direction. Typically, you want to give it around one year for full maturation before considering any type of intervention. It may be that nothing will be necessary at all.

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Raised scars do well with pulsed dye laser and IIT.  Depressed scars benefit from percutaneous scar release techniques.

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You have noted that the color and intensity of the scar have diminished over the past three months which is excellent news.  Full healing takes about a year.  You should avoid the sun and re-apply sunscreen while outdoors.  I would give it time and not rush into laser or dermabrasion.  In the meantime, should the scar appear to be becoming hypertrophic, please see a dermatologist who can evaluate and treat the condition.

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