What Are the Criterias for Covered Tt with Medical in Saskatchewan? (photo)

What is Average Cost for Tt. with Lipo if Its Not Covered? i have had twins. c section. lost 65 lbs and counting. work out 3-5 x week. back problems. cant work my abs without pain. my pooch hangs to my crotch, not past. its really loose skin not much fat.like all moms i just wanna feel n look like me again. but im a single mom. and its going to be tough to afford. i will apply for payments if i have too. just want at least some covered... muscle repair, and over hang, will pay for lipo and possible breast lift.

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What Are the Criterias for Covered Tt with Medical in Saskatchewan?

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Canadian socialized health insurance does not cover any cosmetic surgery. So best to save up your $$s and obtain additional weight loss. Also see a few boarded PSs in person in your city//

Insurance does not cover "cosmetic procedures"

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Hello Shell,

Thank you for the question and the photos.  Insurance companies do not cover cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.  They may cover certain plastic surgery procedures that are deemed necessary for health reasons such as panniculectomy (over hang), breast reduction, abdominal hernia, etc.  There are certain requirements that each insurance company have to meet before they will cover these types of procedures.  I would start with a few plastic surgery consultations and go from there.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

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