Can Sarcoidosis Cause Complications for Lipo With Fat Grafting Procedure?

I am a 23 y/o black female w/ history of sarcoidosis in the lungs. It's been in remission since the initial onset in 2006 for about 2 years now. I have had all of my labs & a chest x-ray & everything is normal.

What I would like to know is, is there an increased risk for complications because of my medical history? Could it cause a flare or respiratory problem? I've had pneumonia twice. I don't have any other health issues besides sarcoid & I'm in a healthy weight range. (5'7", 152 lbs)

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Sarcoidosis and liposuction with fat grafting

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If you take corticosteroids, such as Prednisone, for the Sarcoidosis, that might increase your risk for infection from the liposuction or poor healing.  If you will be under anesthesia for the liposuction, that might present an increased risk of developing a pulmonary complication during the procedure if your pulmonary function tests show compromise. Tumescent liposuction is done using only local anesthetic usually, and in this way, there wouldn't be a threat to your lungs.

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Sarcoidosis and complications

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Before you see a plastic surgeon, you should definitely consult with your internist and pulmonologist with respect to the risks of anesthesia. Surgery and the effects of anesthesia can instigate recurrence of a variety of medical conditions so I would proceed with caution. You haven't explained why liposuction might involve fat grafting in your specific case so this issue can't be critically evaluated.

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