Why is There Discharge/puss Coming out of my Belly Button? (photo)

I am almost 2 weeks post op from my tummy tuck and there is still fluid coming out of my belly button incision. it gets on my tank top too, so its not just a little. I have been wiping it out each day with a little alcohol but its not going away. It fluctuates from light yellow to clear-ish white. There is even a little bit of dried blood on my shirt when I remove it each day to shower. Is this something I should be worried about?

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Why is There Discharge/pus Coming out of my Belly Button

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It is hard to make a diagnosis here without an exam, but some form of infection or  "fat necrosis" is likely. You should make an appointment for an office visit with your surgeon for instructions.

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Minor soft tissue loss between the navel and pubis after abdominoplasty.

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It looks as though there has been some compromised to the skin from the inferior border of the navel down. This would explain the drainage which should be able to be managed by cleaning the one periodically.

Why is There Discharge/puss Coming out of my Belly Button?

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Appears as fat necrosis issue. Always best o see your surgeon for treatment in person. This can be addressed by an office visits. 

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