Can a Mole Be Removed from Chin Without Also Removing Facial Hair? (photo)

I have a semi-flat mole right on the center of my chin that has darkened in pigment. Is shaving an option, or is excision my only choice? I'm concerned with facial hair loss, and obviously the amount of time it will take to heal since it's in a very obvious location.

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Mole removal

If the mole is shaved, then the hair follicles should be intact.  If the mole is completely excised and closed with sutures, there may be a chance that the hair does not grow in the scar.  

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Mole removal by excision should not cause hair loss

If a mole is removed by cutting it out and closing the wound, there should be minimal hair loss.  The only spot where hair will not grow will be directly in the scar but this is not likely to be noticeable.  Shaving a mole off will leave a scar the size of the mole which was shaved and possible leave the area without hair growth. 

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Can mole be removed from chin without removing facial hair?

If a mole is raised, it can be removed by shaving it, which should not affect the hair growth.  If a mole is flat, the best method to remove it is to excise it.  This would remove some hair, but the edges of the wound would be brought together so that you should not see an area without hair growth.  

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