Why is my forehead so sloped?

As far as I know, my forehead's always been like this, but I actually never noticed it until someone told me about it. Since then, I've been very self-conscious. I'd put the angle of my forehead at around 45 degrees.

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Forehead Augmentation

There is no specific reason why your forehead slopes so severely backward. For some men a backward sloping forehead is magnified because of their brow prominences. For women with high hairlines a backward sloping forehead can also be present. This is just the genetics of how you are made. Either way successful forehead augmentation can be done using a variety of techniques.

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Got pics?

First off, got a picture?  It's hard to give advice/comments without a photo.  Second, I don't think the slope of your forehead is going to be abnormal.  My forehead is hugh and round and goes from my eyebrows to my shoulders. . .because I don't have any dang hair, I have no chin, and I look kinda like a turtle in scrubs.  But I'm cool and I bet you are also.  I'm sure you look just fine.  Even if your forehead is more sloped than average I'm sure you have other very nice features.  Even though it's my job (and I take it very seriously) to operate on a person's head and neck I do think critiques and facial features and "ideal" angles/proportions/etc have gotten out of hand.  

Take care and don't worry so much.

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Forehead appearance

Without a photographic picture or even a drawing, it is not possibke to answer a question such as this. Resubmit this question. 

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