Can my silicone breast implant break if my chest was squeezed?

I had silicone breast implants done 8 weeks and a half ago. Today my husband carry me on his back and I tried to hold myself with my arms for less than a minute because I felt a lot of pressure in my breast and I felt a very tiny pop in my left breast. Is it possible that it broke?

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Rupture silicone implants

Thank you for your question.  It is very unlikely that you ruptured your implant. These implants can take a tremendous amount of force before the shell cracks. You may have shifted the tissue over the implant and that is what you felt.  Rest assured, your implants should be fine. 

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Can my implants be ruptured

 Thank you for your question. It's difficult to answer your question without an examination. From what you're describing, it's very unlikely that your implant was damaged. It takes a significant force for implants to rupture. If you're concerned, you should contact your surgeon. Good luck!

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Can my silicone breast implant break if my chest was squeezed?

Thank you for your question. It is unlikely a damage to the implant from what you are describing. May be suture  break etc. I recommend you to see your PS for evaluation.

Can my silicone breast implant break if my chest was squeezed?

Most likely the capsule around the implant developed a small tear. However see your plastic surgeon for an exam and ultrasound to be sure.

Implant rupture

I wouldn't worry about a rupture from what you describe. It is more likely a suture used in the closure that broke. It should have no effect. It takes a significant amount of pressure to rupture an implant.  If you still have concerns be sure to check with your surgeon. An ultrasound is the usual first step in evaluation of a ruptured implant.

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