Are smile direct club aligners as good as Invisalign? (photo)

I have a posterior crossbite, omega-shaped arch, a narrow smile, and my canines seem like they protrude a little. My dentist said I would be a good candidate for Invisalign to open things up and broaden my smile. Unfortunately it's expensive, and I would rather do the Smile Direct Club if I can count on the same results.

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Smile Direct Club not as good as invisalign

SDC is not as good as invisalign.  The material is less effective and the degree and accuracy of tooth movement is limited due to lack of attachments.

Looking at your photos and from your description, your case would need careful management from an experienced invisalign provider, preferably an orthodontist as opposed to a general dentist.  Your crossbite coupled with shape of your teeth make your case one that is just as easy to make worse as it is to make better.  You want someone who recognizes this.

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