Wearing Aligners for 17 hours a day?

Went to the DC Smile Scan Center about 10 days ago and I just received my smile treatment plan. it states that my treatment is only 4 months long? and i only have to wear the aligners for 17 hours a day? This seems almost too quick.. I am excited about this...but from all the reviews I have read no one has been instructed for less than 20-22 hours a day. Has anyone had a similar situation to me?

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17 hours is fine if that's what you're prescribed

From my experience prescribing SmileDirectClub invisible aligners, there are some treatment plans that only require 17 hours of daily wear. This is because each set of aligners has a varying thickness, which allows your teeth to make smaller movements more quickly and more comfortably. You’ll change your aligners weekly, and wear the last set for two weeks before the next step. 

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