Why do people report enlarged pores after Fraxel Treatment?

After a consultation, I am considering getting a Fraxel re:store and V-beam treatment for acne scarring. The reviews I've read of enlarged pores/damage post Fraxel are concerning. Why so many negative Fraxel reviews? Is Fraxel re:store the safest Fraxel treatment to start with?

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Fraxel Safe & Effective When Done Right

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Although Fraxel and other similar treatments can be incredibly effective at treating certain conditions, they're only as good as the professionals using them. These devices are powerful, and can yield some less-than-favorable results if not used properly. When administered by a board-certified dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or licensed aesthetician, there's no reason that these devices would create larger pores or other skin irregularities. If you're considering Fraxel, consult with a true, experienced skincare professional to be sure you get the results you want. Don't hesitate to ask for credentials, and make sure you see before-and-after photos of your practitioner's past work. Good luck!

San Diego Dermatologist

Fraxel and Acne Scarring

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A combination of lasers may be needed for the best results to treat acne scars.  I utilize both the V-Beam and Fraxel in combination to best treat the skin and it is extremely effective.  Neither of these lasers typically make pores look worse. Please consult a board certified dermatologist with an expertise in lasers who can guide you to the best course of treatment.

Fraxel and Acne Scarring

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I have never had a patient say their pores were larger after fraxel.  Fraxel also only works well for the right type of acne scars, so please beware of physicians who are not acne scarring experts and think that fraxel is the be all treatment for any type of scarring -- it is not.  Combining therpies is needed Im often doing fraxel dual with co2 spot treatment and microneedling and then bellafill for patients with acne scarring.  to enable me to get all the types of scars they have.  sometimes they also require subcision or pulsed dye laser for redness or even surgical removal of scars.  I suggest only going to a scarring expert.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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