5'9, 155, going with 425cc silicon, under the muscle, HELP! (photos)

Hello, I'm a little over a week until my BA surgery date and getting nervous I will end up with something I did not want. I'm 5'9, 155lbs, athletic frame, size 6US. My breasts have never touched and I do not want them to with enhancement. I'm also hoping to maintain my perky look. Will 425's make me too larger and saggy. I know everyone says not to fret over the cc# but I really am. Will these accurately fit my frame or will I look overly large, sloppy and saggy? Please help!

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Implant size

425. Cc implants will not be too large.  If you were choosing a size that was unreasonable, I would not be shy about letting you know.  As long as you're the Nader 500 cc's you will be fine.

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5'9, 155, going with 425cc silicon, under the muscle, HELP!

Thank you for the question and pictures. Based on your anatomic starting point, I think that you should end up with a very nice outcome after breast augmentation surgery.

Some anxiety prior to surgery is very normal; its complete elimination is usually not possible.  

***Given that your surgery is coming up soon ( and your concerns), I would suggest that you spend additional time communicating your goals/concerns directly with your plastic surgeon, preferably prior to the date of surgery.  Personally, I find that the use of computer imaging and goal photographs are very helpful during the communication process.  I would also suggest that you avoid terms such as "overly large, sloppy";  these terms can mean different things to different people.

 Hopefully, once you have communicated concerns again with your plastic surgeon, your anxiety will be significantly decreased. Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Implant profile is more important than volume in determining the look you get

The proepr implant for you has:

1. a diameter that is properly fit to match your chest diameter, this is done by the surgeon at your first visit

2. a "profile" which ranges from moderate (natural looking) to high (full and less natural looking)

3. the volume (ie 425 cc) is just what it takes to fill up the right profile for the look you want.

So please fin out what profile 425 implant you are set up to get because it will totally determine the "look" you receive

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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5'9, 155, going with 425cc silicon, under the muscle, HELP!

Thank you for your question.  We have excellent breast anatomy and should be able to achieve a very nice result following breast augmentation surgery.

Your breast implant size should match the base width measurement of your breast.   Your surgeon should have measured the width of your breast at the base near the fold under your breast.  That measurement should match the base width of the breast implant that will be chosen.  Your surgeon should have a chart to find the appropriate sized implant for your breast base width.

The 425 cc implants should increase your breast size by  probably 2 1/2 cup sizes in the same style and manufacture of bra that you currently wear.

Please read the link below on breast implant sizing.  There you will find instructions for the Rice test  which you can do at home to see how you will look with 425 cc implants.

Breast Implant Sizing


You need to use a tight, unpadded bra and place 400 cc implants into your bra, place a tight shirt on, and look in the mirror. This will roughly replicate what 425 cc will look like. This is called sizing.  This is the only way you can get your answer: from you. You are asking a question of opinion, something surgeons don't delve into. Our job is to make sure you have the anatomic capacity for any given implant, not whether it is 'proportional'. Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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Breast augmentation

Hello and thank you for your question. You are a great candidate for a breast augmentation.  The size, profile, and shape of the implant is based on your desired breast size/shape, your chest wall measurements, and soft tissue quality.  This decision should be based on a detailed discussion with equal input from both you and your surgeon.  This entire surgery can be performed with a small incision technique.  Make sure you specifically look at before and after pictures of real patients who have had this surgery performed by your surgeon and evaluate their results.  
Best wishes and good luck.

Richard G. Reish, M.D.
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Richard G. Reish, MD
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Breast Implant Size

I'm sorry but none of us can help you pick out an appropriate implant size without a consultation and exam. But the volume you mention is definitely reasonable for your frame and under the muscle implants will not touch in the middle. Nor will you have a sloppy or saggy look, but it will leave you with a full look. 

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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5'9, 155, going with 425cc silicon, under the muscle, HELP!

Although a 425 mL silicone implants sounds reasonable for a patient with your frame it is impossible to state definitively how large this will make you.  My experience has led me to take responsibility to best match the result to the patient's stated expectations and goals.  I choose not to place responsibility on the patient to select an implant before the procedure based on how it appears in a bra when placed on the surface of their skin.  Others get good results with dimensional measurements but I feel most comfortable setting a goal and choosing the final implant during the procedure when I can see the actual result of placement of that implant at the time of the surgery..

Trust your surgeon to use his/her best judgment based on their experience in selecting the optimal implant for you but if you have questions or uncertainties review the decision with them before undergoing surgery.  You have great anatomy and should have an excellent result.  Enjoy your results.

Jon A Perlman M.D., FACS
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Jon A. Perlman, MD
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5'9, 155, going with 425cc silicon, under the muscle, HELP! (photos)

OMG, these are questions, sentiments, factors, and doubts to be considered, deliberated, and resolved in front of a full length mirror with your surgeon in the consultation room long before a scalpel ever touches your skin.  Such individualized, personal concerns can never be appropriately or professionally addressed online even by expert surgeons who haven't the information provided by meeting you in person, understanding your needs, physically examining you, and then considering available possibilities to achieve your desired outcome.

Return to your surgeon with your important questions.  Minimizing the chance of (unpleasant) surprises after surgery is a function of preparation before surgery.

Steve Laverson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Will 425cc be too big?

It's normal to be nervous about your implant selection prior to surgery.  Hopefully you had the opportunity to try on sizers so you could see what your end result would be.  I would suggest calling your PS office and speaking with your coordinator.  Often times, they can ease your anxiety and assure you that you will be very happy.  Good luck!

Brian K. Reedy, MD
Reading Plastic Surgeon
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