Is there a lot of pain associated with the fractora procedure?

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Pain associated with Fractora

Thank you for your interest in Fractora! Fractora is not painless, but most patients find it quite tolerable after application of numbing cream.  Correct application of an effective numbing cream is usually sufficient, but occasionally there are patients who have very low pain tolerance who require local nerve blocks for better pain control.  I hope that answers your question.  

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Is there a lot of pain associated with the fractora procedure? = minimal to none #fractora #fractorarf #fractoraskintighening

Fractora is associated with minimal to none pain during the procedure IF the skin is well anesthetized with topical anesthetic. Post procedure fractora treatment is not associated with pain ( that is what all my patients have told me so far)

John Mesa, MD
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Fractora Pain

There can be discomfort with Fractora or any other RF needling system.  The key to comfort during an RF system is the following:

-Powerful topical treatment- Powerful topical treatments may take up to 45 minutes to effectively numb the skin and can make the treatment tolerable

-Local anesthetic- Nerve blocks and local anesthetics can make the procedure better for patients with low pain thresholds and patients using higher energy

-Oral pain medication- Oral pain medication and relaxation medications can make the procedure even more tolerable.

-Cooling- A zimmer chiller or other cooling mechanism can be used to make the patient more comfortable as well.

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Doc, Don't Hurt Me...Will Fractora Hurt?

Nobody likes the idea of pain with procedures, but with most treatments that actually provide results, there will most often be some level of pain. So, does Fractora hurt? Yes, you'll experience some pain, but it's manageable pain made possible with topical anesthetics, and, if indicated, oral pain medication. 

Discuss your pain tolerance levels with your doctor before you make your appointment for treatment so you'll feel assured you'll be taken care of in a way that makes you most comfortable. Anxiety increases the perception of pain, so some patients opt for anti anxiety meds prior to procedures.

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Fractora Pain Is Minimal

I understand your concern here. Fractora does wonders for skin rejuvenation but is it worth it? In my mind, yes. I always offer patients a pain pill before the procedure as well as nerve blocks (especially around the lips). Typically though, application of strong topical numbing cream for 40-45 minutes is adequate for pain control. If you're too uncomfortable, we work with you to make it an easy procedure. 

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