I recently had a fractoral laser treatment and the treatment was very painful. Any suggestions?

I recently had a fractoral laser treatment and the treatment was very painful. I read on line that it was just a little pinch but mine was almost unbearable. I felt like I was being shocked over and over in my face. Is this common or was the doctor inadequate at performing the treatment?

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I recently had a fractoral laser treatment and the treatment was very painful. Any suggestions? #fractora #fractorarf

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Fractora is a radio frequency skin tightening procedure associated with minimal to no discomfort IF skin to be treated has been anesthetized ADEQUATELY.

Usually the skin is treated with topical anesthetic cream for 30 to 45 min before fractora treatment. If fractora is gong to be used in high settings (intense treatment) a nerve block may be needed, specially if fractora will be performed around the mouth.

Patients interested in fractora skin tightening  should make a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specialized in plastic surgery procedures of the face that has the fractora device.

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Fractora Pain

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There can be discomfort with Fractora or any other RF needling system.  The key to comfort during an RF system is the following:

-Powerful topical treatment- Powerful topical treatments may take up to 45 minutes to effectively numb the skin and can make the treatment tolerable

-Local anesthetic- Nerve blocks and local anesthetics can make the procedure better for patients with low pain thresholds and patients using higher energy

-Oral pain medication- Oral pain medication and relaxation medications can make the procedure even more tolerable.

-Cooling- A zimmer chiller or other cooling mechanism can be used to make the patient more comfortable as well.

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Numbing cream hour before Fractora

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As with all our treatments, including RF, micro needling, PRP, and fractional lasers, we always use specialist strength numbing cream 45-60 minutes BEFORE any treatment. This will markedly reduce any discomfort. 

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Fractora radiofrequency treatment and pain

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Hello Susannh2016, thank you for your question.  In our practice, we apply numbing cream 30-40 minutes prior to the procedure, and occasionally perform nerve block injections if the patient has low pain tolerance.  Most of our patients report the pain during Fractora RF treatments to be minimal / tolerable.   Perhaps consult with your doctor to see if nerve blocks can be performed for your next treatment? Best wishes.

Goretti Ho Taghva, MD
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