Are my implants placed too high? Will they drop?

I had a BA 15 days ago. They're so high. I wasnt instructed to wear a band or any type of bra for 6 weeks. I feel like they're not dropping even the slightest. I know it takes 3 months but I figured I'd see even a slight progression of dropping by now. Should I purchase a band and use it? They're saline, under the muscle, and somewhere in the 800 cc's range. I didn't get any massage instructions yet either. I will be going in again to get instructed for massages in a few days.

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Too High

It is very normal for breasts to be high and tight this soon after surgery, especially since you had very small breasts to begin with. The skin needs time to stretch to accommodate the new implants and settle into place. Most implants "drop" within 3 months following surgery but everyone is different and some people can take up to a year before the implants settle into their permanent position. It is not uncommon to see any results at this point in your recovery.  Using a band is not necessary to achieve your desired results. Give it time and be patient and the shape will improve over time. Check with your surgeon to determine their recommendations.

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Early post op

At this point you are early in the healing process. Your implants will continue to settle and soften with time. Follow up with your surgeon if you have concerns.


Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Are my implants placed too high? Will they drop?

Your implants should and will drop. 15 days is too early to worry. I do believe breast implant displacement exercises and a bando will help. See your palstic surgeon and ask for help!

Drop And Fluff


Thank you for the question and photos. 800ccs is a large  amount of volume and your tissues will be tight under that pressure for some time. The Drop and Fluff process takes between 2-6 months. I recommend that you share any concerns with your Plastic Surgeon and try to hold off on evaluating your result until at least 6 months post op.

All the best

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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Implants might drop some

Thanks for your question and the photos. Preoperatively you had a tight/constricted lower pole. The short distance from the nipple to the inframammary fold would have made it difficult to get any implant all the way down without lowering the fold. I'm not sure why such a large implant was chosen but the dimensions are simply much larger than that of your breast. With time there will be some stretch but I don't think they will ever get all the way down to the level you anticipate.

M. Scott Haydon, MD
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