Severe nerve pain in right breast will this ever go away?

I am 4.5 weeks post op breast lift and augmentation. I have 600cc implants. First two weeks I felt no pain. The 3rd week I started getting a sharp pulling, burning pain in my right breast, on the side and under my breast. I know this is normal but this pain occurs every time I move my right arm in any direction. It hurts about 95% of the day. I'm not sure that is normal? I have tried Eveything. Muscle relaxers, Ibprofin 800, ice packs, heating pad, rubbing it, and now my Dr put me on Nuerotin.

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Nerve pain

Sometimes particular nerves are injured during surgery and it may be possible to anesthetize these nerves with a combination of local anesthesia and steroids.  This can be repeated as necessary.  An anesthesiologist specializing in pain management can perform this.  A final option would be to surgically release the scars to see if this releases the entraped nerve.  

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Nerve pain 4.5 weeks post-op breast lift plus implants

The numbness you felt initially was normal, as is the return of sensation that is often one-sided, simply because sensory nerves in the breasts are like the veins on the back of your hand--always present, generally symmetrical, but never exactly the same on each side, even if yur surgeon was capable of exactly the same pocket creation, swelling, and nerve inflammation related to the surgery/healing process.

I know this is debilitating and more than bothersome (pain is pain and I really do understand, having had several operations in my own lifetime), but it is almost never persistent. As long as you understand that, everything becomes at least slightly more tolerable!

I would caution excessive heat or ice, as I have seen frostbite and burn skin injuries from over aggressive self-treatment. Ibuprofen in prescription dosages (ask your surgeon) is probably the best treatment, and Neurontin is another option that can be helpful in some cases, but can also require increased dosages (ask your surgeon, and be careful about stomach upset, ulcer, or bleeding). This is likely nerve pain so if muscle relaxers have no obvious benefit, then discontinue these. Massage of the tender areas can help desensitize the offending nerves, so keep that up, but time is the best healer.

Please be patient, as this can take weeks, not days. Virtually no one complains of these kinds of symptoms at 6 months post-op. Hang in there; it will be worthwhile! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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