How long should it take for the "hard knots" to go away? What is the treatment for getting rid of the knots?

I am 8 months "Post Op" with the Vanquish treatment plan and I still have two very large hard knots on my right side. The Med-Spa that performed the treatments, has told me that the knots are there because my Lymphatic system couldn't break down the dead fat cell!

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Treatment or post Vanquish abdominal tenderness and lumps

   The Vanquish uses a unique radio frequency energy to destroy excess fat cells under the skin.  The inflammatory reaction is normal and is the body's way of disposing of the fatty debris.  Sometimes the reaction is prolonged and lumps and tenderness ('panniculitis') can be experienced.  The problem will usually resolve in time but can be helped by anti-inflammatory over the counter meds such as ibuprofen, warm compresses, and deep tissue massage.  The new treatment with tissue sound waves called Cellutone can be beneficial as well as the Exilis Ultra which uses a combination of ultrasound and radio frequency to treat these problematic areas. 

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Knots after Vanquish.

Daily massage to the areas should be helpful. Recommend applying Cellutone or Z-wave (acoustic wave therapy) to the areas on a prescribed schedule, to significantly reduce the knots.

Anifat Balogun, MD
Seattle Otolaryngologist


Sounds like you had some areas that collected the heat and hardened. We recommend massaging those areas immediately after treatment and continuing until it fully breaks down. I would still massage those areas daily even after 8 months because you should be able to get those areas to soften. Also, follow up with the physician who treated you.  Hope this helps.

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Non Invasive Fat Removal -- Vanquish, Coolsculpting, Ultrashape, Sculpsure, Cellutone, Z Wave, Venus Legacy, Exilis

I suggest starting massage and z wave / cellutone treatments with venus legacy or exilis.  They should improve the knots.  Go to a reputable body shaping physician.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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