Why Do 550cc Implants Look Like Only C Cup? (photo)

Hi, Just recently had BA about 3 days ago & it's been a dream come true! Previously I was a 34A/5'4/145lbs, I expressed to my surgeon that I would like to achieve a full D cup. We decided upon 550cc/Saline/Moderate/Infram .Incision. He did a fantastic job and they look great! However I think they are only a full C CUP :( Will they get bigger after 'drop and fluff' period? Why are they small, I thought I would for sure get a D cup?

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Why do my breasts look small after a breast augmentation with 550 cc implants?

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You are still early in your healing period.   At this time the tissue is swollen and the muscle can flatten out the implant.  Give it more time for your shape to come around.  A 550 cc implant should take you up almost 3 cup sizes depending upon your body and breast anatomy.  

Breast size and implants

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breast size and implants

see my previous posts

your skin and muscle need to stretch and relax   your final result will take 2-3 months.  i believe the implant size is a good choice

Why do large implants look small in me?

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It is WAY too early to even think about what your final result will be.  There is muscle spasm ( I am assuming under the muscle based on pics) compressing the implants, they are still high, and a bit amorphous looking at this point.

As the implants drop, they will fill in, look more natural, and fill in, despite the resolving edema.  This coincides with the resolution of the muscle spasm.

It is also very important for me to stress that there is no uniformity in the sizing of bras.  There is also no such thing as a full C or a small C.  We all talk about these things, but bras are not sized this way.  In fact, the more you pay for a bra, the larger the cup size tends to be.

I think you will hit your target.  I also would suggest to you, as I do to all my patients, it is more important to focus on how you feel about how you look, rather than what a bra says your size is..


Why Do 550cc Implants Look Like Only C Cup?

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Keep in mind:

  • It is way too early to see a final outcome. The implants are high riding, and your skin and muscle need time to accommodate to them--as the implants drop, they will fill out the breast tissue more than is apparent now.
  • There are no fixed definitions of cup size, making it a less than useful tool for planning. Surgeons who do like to estimate cup size suggest that it takes about 200 cc (+/-50) for each one cup size increase, based on a 36 band. So for a 34 band, I would expect 3 cup size increase by the time the implants have settled.

All the best. Patience

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

550 cc implants

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A 550 cc implant is pretry large. You have to give it a few months to settle and then re-evaluate for a bra.

Implants only a c cup?

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Thank you for your questions and photos.  You are still in the very early post operative phase and your results are not finalized.  It appears from the photos that you have a nice result, but you will have some additional changes over the next few weeks to months.  With such a large implant and a small starting cup size, the skin and muscle are going to stretch and relax a bit more.  Your skin is not used to being stretched out to it's current extent.  It will continue to relax which will give you a fuller shape.  

It is impossible to guarantee a cup size, but you are going to be very close and will look great.  

Best Wishes.

Why does 550cc look too small

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We can tell from your photos that the skin envelope is 'challenged' and compressing and holding the implant back. You would have been off to a different start with a smaller implant and now you will have to wait things out as the skin envelope relaxes to accomodate the implant. The projection and shape should improve, but a D may not be an easy look to achieve.

Breasts look too small after augmentation?

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It takes a few mponths for your new breast implants to settle. During this time, the shape and size may change. you need to be patient during this process. I suspect that a 550cc implant will increase you about 2 1/2 cup sizes.

You are not at your final result yet

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Hello. At three days you are nowhere near your final result and with about three months time you will start to see your true outcome. That being said I would not be too worried about your outcome until then. Many patients feel that they are larger after the breasts implants drop.

Jaime Perez, MD
Breast Augmentation Specialist
Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa

550cc Implants Look Like Only C Cup - WHY ?

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Thanks for the question. I respect your PS who on such small chest managed to insert 550 cc implant in the total absence of skin envelope needed to have such a large implant inside you. You already look to have massive breast on a small chest and if I see you your total body figure you may go out of proportion and may look even ugly if you go for larger then this. You must thank your PS.I hope wisdom takes over you. Wish you good luck.

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