Will 500+ Cc's Be Too Big for Me? (photo)

Hello I'm 30yrs old, I stand 5'6" and I weigh 150lbs, my current bust size is 34B. I desire a full D. Went to a consultation Dr told me I have thick breast tissue and any type of implant will look great on me. We started at 425cc mod plus but I wanted to go bigger, Dr said if I go bigger I would have to go to high profile because a bigger mod plus would be too wide for my chest. I tried 475cc & 500cc and I still want bigger. I dnt kno what to do at this point cus I dnt wanna go too too big.

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Yes, 500cc silicone breast implants will be too big for a 5'6" tall lady with a full B/small C breasts... at least in Toronto!

Thank you for your questions.  You are not very tall and your breasts already seems to have a good fullness.  I think 500cc will be quite big.  In Toronto, our average breast implants are between 275 and 400cc and it seems to suit 85% of our patients.  Cultural variations do have to be considered.  Most important are the size of your current breasts, height and width, and whether your implant will be place under or over your pectoral muscles.  I do prefer under the muscle in 85% of my cases and our limit for under-muscle placement is 400cc-425cc for a primary augmentation.  Seek a qualified board-certified plastic surgeon.  Best of luck!  Dr. Marc DuPere, board-certified Toronto plastic surgeon, with an office in Richmond Hill, 416.929.9800.


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Implant size

500 cc's is pretty big, definitely a D cup, but not ridiculous, in my opinion.  Personally I  would not go quite that large.

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
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500ccs Too Big For Me? #breastimplants

It sounds like you are getting great advice from your surgeon. In my opinion sizing a patient for imlants can be simplified. Sizing is not about a number. In fact, I do not even discuss numbers with my patients. If a patient walks through the door and says they want x-cc implants I have to educate them about how sizing works. The best analogy I can relate this to is buying shoes. When you go to buy shoes how do you do that? First you start with the size your foot is right? So if your foot is a 6.5 you try on all kinds of 6.5 size shoes. Some may be tall, some might be flat, and some might be somewhere in between. You would never try to buy a size 8 shoe because it would be too big for your foot right? Breast sizing is the exact same way. Implants come in several different profiles that are like different heights of shoes. Implants can be low profile, moderate profile, or high profile. There are even implants that are higher than high. That would be your high platform shoe. Each implant style give you a different look. Now, your breast has a defined width that we call the base diameter of the breast. This would be analogous to the show size. Your breast base diameter never changes. It is what it is. So now, you can choose several different style of implants that fit the number of your breast base diameter. That really narrows down what implant is best for you. So once you know your breast base diameter you can try the low, moderate, high or really high implants on. The only think you have to decide is which look you are going for. You would never put an implant that is 13 centimeters wide in a patient whose base diameter is 10 centimeters. Half the implant would be in the armpit. So, this is very simple to me. My patients get a few choices that fit their breast and that is it. I will not put an implant in a patient that is too wide for their body because it will harm them over time. Hope this helps.

Richard J. Brown, MD
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Will 500+ Cc's Be Too Big for Me? (photo)

It's kinda hard to tell without seeing you but from your pictures, 500+ should be plenty to get you to a D cup and my guess would be you will end up a DD! You do have some breast tissue to start with...

John J. Corey, MD
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Choosing implants

Hello. The most important factors for determining the size of implants that could be used on a patient include width of the base of the breast, the size of your thorax and the amount of breast tissue and skin you have. Once a surgeon has this information he could better educate you on what type of implants would work best for you. It is important to communicate with your surgeon what you’re hoping to look like. In office sizers can be helpful.

Jaime Perez, MD
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Jaime Perez, MD
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500 + / Too big ???

At this time, we can chose from a variety of implants in order to accommodate patients needs. A very high profile implant will give you more breast projection with out having more heaviness. During size testing  consultation look at you in the mirror with clothes on, maybe you will find it helpful to came out with the profile you expect. Best Wishes.

Ricardo Vega, MD
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Breast implant sizing

A recommendation on a breast implant size should never be done without actually talking with and examining a patient. The size of a desired breast from breast augmentation is a very personal decision that should not be made until the patient understands all of the ramifications of choosing a particular style and size of their implant. This decision should only be made with the guidance of an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.  Not only are breast and chest wall dimensions taken into account, but so to is the overall height and weight of the patient, skin elasticity, breast shape, degree of sagging, and muscle tone. Each of these factors will have an affect on the end result. Finally, sometimes it is important to realize that ( to quote Mick Jagger ) you can't always get what you want...you get what you need.  

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Will 500+ Cc's Breast Implants San Diego Be Too Big for Me? (photo)

Your surgeon, like me, believes dimensions more important than volume.  While nobody can tell you what is too large or too small for you before having the implants put in, there are general guidelines.  If your skin envelope is robust enough and compliant enough to accommodate high profile prostheses and mid-range profile implants that match your base width are too small for you, then the next size up is high profile implants that match your base width.  If 425 is too small, then 500 (five tablespoons larger) is probably not too large.  Your cup size will easily be D in many bras, and DD in others.

Steve Laverson, MD
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500 + implants

I will often recommend high profile implants for patients who are narrow that want larger implants.  I could only say what is best based upon an exam.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Correct size of breast implants

Although there is no absolute correct or ideal size of breast implant, for any given patient there are limits as to size of the implant which could be reasonably implanted.  If your physician felt that a 425 cc moderate profile implant fit your breast and chest diameter, you may be able to consider a high profile 500 cc implant which has roughly the same width.  It may be possible to go to a larger size than the 500 cc however you would need to be examined to determine if this would be appropriate given your breast tissues and elasticity.  Best wishes.

Vincent D. Lepore, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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