Post Breast Reduction, My Nipples Have Gone Flat?

I had a breast reduction, February 4th. I was a 38 EEE/F and hopefully will end up about a 38D. My breasts were always very heavy but my nipples looked normal. The areolas were somewhat large but my nipples were not at all inverted. Since the surgery, my nipples seem to have gone flat and might even be inverted. Is this a normal part of the healing process? Is there spmething that can be done to correct this? Sorry, no pics at this time ,

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Nipple flatness after breast reduction may be related to the quantity removed

Breast reduction requires preservation of the nipple-areolar complex blood and nerve supply on a "pedicle", while removing excess breast skin and tissue.  Occasionally the amount and location of breast tissue removed results in a relative "saucer deformity", where the areolar complex has a contour depression or inversion. Your PS is most qualified to reassure you, especially since your procedure was only recently completed.  Remember that your results will usually take up to 6 months to "develop".  In the event that the situation doesn't improve, you and your PS may agree to revise the skin envelope.  Hope this is helpful.

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Nipples Flat After Breast Reduction

    The swelling this early following a large breast reduction can blunt nipple areolar architecture.  This may very well resolve with time.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Flat nipples after breast reduction

You are just over a week after your surgery. There will still be considerable swelling which can sometimes make the nipple area seem flat because of all the swelling around it. There will be a lot of changes in your breast shape over the next few weeks and months so it is far too early to say what your final appearance will be. Although it is difficult, you need to be patient. Good luck to you.

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