Breast Reduction/mammogram, Call Back For RIght Breasts?

had a breast reduction with lipo on 1/2011..first mammogram was 2/ a call back on right breast...everything turned out okay. went for second mammogram after reduction this week and have now gotten a call back for tomorrow on left breast..question is when does everything settle down on being called back and a baseline is established? this is very nerve racking.

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Irregular mammograms after reductions

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do occur because of scarring or fat necrosis.  It usually isn't a progressive thing and most radiologists can discern between bad calcifications and benign ones.  Please realize that you did diminish your risks for breast cancer by diminishing the breast tissue you have so that is a perk for you.

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Any style of breast reduction will result in internal scarring of the breast tissue. It is understandable that you are concerned about a call back, but be assured that it is not difficult for the radiologist to distinguish between scarring and malignancy.



Ann F. Reilley, MD (retired)
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Mammogram after breast reduction

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Sorry to hear that you have to go back for more views of your breasts after your screening mammogram.  Typically, it will take 6 months to one year for the scar tissue to settle down after a breast reduction.  Any type of surgical procedure to the breasts, like a reduction or a lift, will cause scar tissue that can affect mammography.  Most radiologists are familiar with these changes and can distinguish between benign changes from scarring and those from cancer.  However, many times, additional views will be necessary for the radiologist to be sure.  I know that this process is nerve-wracking, but it is done to make sure that you are okay.  Good luck!

Anureet K. Bajaj, MD
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Mammogram results after breast reduction

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This is the reason I ask my breast reduction patients to have preop mammography to establish a baseline. Recalls are always nerve wracking. Scar tissue is dense and requires evaluation to rule out lobular carcinoma. I hope that things work out well for you!

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