Can Sagging from Jaw Reduction Surgery Be Corrected by a Lower Facelift?

I had jaw reduciton surgery and now I have saggy tissue, muscle, skin. Would a lower facelift be able to improve this, even if it's not age-related sagging? Can excess muscle be removed?

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The trade off with chin reduction is usually loss of anterior thrust of chin

Unfortunately most chin reductions decrease the anterior thrust of the chin and therefore allow the previously supported playsma muscle and submental fat pad to appear more inferior.

This will often transform a submentum ( the horizontal area under the chin) from) creating a 90 degree angle with the verticle neck to a 45 degree angle.

To correct this you usually need to reduce the submental fat pads both over and under the platysma musce and tighten the platysma. Depending the degree of skin elasticity a neck lift may or may not be needed as well.

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Correction of Lower Jaw Sagging Skin

Any reduction in the size of the jaw especially if associated with the release and poor re-attachment of the skin back to it would result in premature aging. (We used to commonly see this in the early days of fixing fractures of the facial bones. If after placing the bones back together with plates and screws the skin was not re-attached to the plates the patient ended with a sagging, aged look at that side).

You would probably benefit from a Facelift procedure. You need to see a properly trained Plastic surgeon ( to see what your options may be.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Sagging from jaw reduction surgery be corrected by a lower facelift

Yes, sagging of the jaw area can be corrected with a lower facelift. The area ti be improved would ne the submental and jowel areas. Just make sure to look for a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon or General Plastic Surgeon. Good luck.

Gustavo A. Diaz, MD
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Treatment of Sagging after Jaw Reduction

Depending on the extent of facial aging and the severity of your problem you should consider a facelift, a minifacelift, or a necklift. A good surgeon will explain the advantages and disadvantages of your alternatives.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Correcting saggy neck skin with a facelift

Your problem sounds like it is easily correctibale with a necklift procedure. Your surgeon should be able to tell you with great accuracy what you can and should expect from the surgery.

Jason B. Diamond, MD, FACS
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Facelift can improve a sagging neck after jaw surgery

It is a bit of guess as to what is meant by 'jaw surgery' as there are so many procedures, both cosmetic and related to occlusion or bite. I am going to guess that you mean a setback of the lower jaw for a condition called mandibular prognathism, where the lower jaw protrudes and the lower teeth are in front of the upper teeth. Perhaps your orthodontist has asked an oral surgeon to move the lower jaw back to line up your teeth for braces. The setback could produce some laxity in the neck. The muscles over time will take care of themselves, however the skin can benefit from facelift techniques, perhaps a short scar or soft lift, to tighten the neck. It is a good and sensible reason to consider a lift, and a good plastic surgeon should be able to help.
Best of luck,

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Sagging lower face following jaw reduction

Masseteric hypertrophy or laxity is rarely performed in the USA but is more common in Asia. Injection of botulinum toxin is one non-surgical options. A modified or short scar face lift is a reasonable option to treat lower facial laxity following jaw reduction surgery.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Lower facelift to correct sagging skin after jaw surgery

Looseness of the skin can absolutely be affected by jaw surgery.

After a sufficient period of time has passed, usually 6 months, it may be appropriate to tighten the skin if it has become a persistent problem. For the jawline, a necklift done from below the chin would typically not be helpful, but a facelift type procedure would.

Brent Moelleken, MD
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Lower facelift to correct sagging skin from jaw reduction

Yes, a face/neck lift will reduce the sagging excess skin, fat, and muscle. However, age of the patient should be taken into consideration as a younger patient's skin will re-drape itself to fit the new bone structure. Consult with an experienced facelift surgeon for a physical evaluation to determine whether it is your best option.

William Portuese, MD
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Sagging skin after jaw reduction surgery.

This can be improved with a neck lift to remove the sagging tissue. See an experienced facelift surgeon to discuss the surgical technique he uses to treat this.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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