Is it safe to have Zoom Whitening treatment if I have very receded gums but no gum disease?

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Proper gum dam coverage and follow these steps

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Your dentist will protect those areas of heavy recession by placing a protective layer of material over those areas.  These areas will not be whitened and should not be exposed to the light or gel.
in addition I have my patients brush with sensitive reducing toothpastes for 2 weeks prior to whitening along with a 600mg dose of iburofen 1 hr prior to the whitening visit. This helps alleviate some sensitivity. however, everyone is different and some feel sensitivity more than others even with these precaution steps.
For those that experience immediate sensitivity we have the patient use their at home whitening trays and they leave the office wearing the trays with Zoom relief gel inside them. They leave this on for 30 min following the procedure. Additionally, patients use the desensitizing toothpaste for the next 2 weeks.


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Additionally you can ask your dentist to prescribe prevident5000 or gelcam. They are Rx strength fluoride passes and gels. If you have bleaching tray, you cam use them with the fluoride to combat sensitivity. Been doing it for years and patients report little to know sensitivity if used for an hour or
so immediately after removing the bleach. Be sure to remove the bleach first:)

Zoom whitening with receding gum line ... #DrSoftTouch

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From the sound of things, it appears that you may experience some sensitivity, due to the recession.  There are really no other contraindications against getting the in-office Zoom, besides the likely tooth sensitivity that you'll face.  My recommendation would be for you to try the take-home custom whitening trays provided by your dentist.  He/She will provide a highly concentrated whitening gel, but you won't have to worry about the increased sensitivity from the heat of Zoom lamp.  Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.
Sarah Thompson, DMD

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