Rosacea Aggravation - Can Rosacea get worse with laser treatments such as V beam, Yag and IPL?

can rosacea get worst with any of the laser treatments such as v beam, yag and IPL?

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Laser treatments and Rosacea

It would be unusual for rosacea to flare after treatment with a vascular laser or IPL.  Since rosacea can only be controlled, not cured, I advise patients to avoid triggers that can cause aggravation, such as alcohol, spicy foods, stress, heat and cold wind.  Your dermatologist can recommend topical or systemic rosacea treatment if needed. 

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Laser Treatment And Rosacea

It is rare for rosacea to flare from PDL and Excel V laser unless the skin was burned.  IPL has the ability to flare the rosacea.  I typically tell my laser patients to avoid any triggers and use only physical sunblocks post treatment.  I have very good success in laser treatment for rosacea.  I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer. 

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