I Had a Root Canal Two Days Ago That Has Now Broken, Can This Tooth Be Saved?

I Had a Root Canal Two Days Ago That Has Now Broken, Can This Tooth Be Saved?

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Can a tooth that has a root canal and has now broken be saved

It depends on what and where the tooth has broken.  If it has broken below the gum or bone it probably cannot be saved and a dental implant may be your best option.  If the top or a piece has broken off it probably can be saved with a crown

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A broken tooth after root canal CAN usually be saved.

If the fracture did not extend down onto the root surface of the tooth, below the gum and bone level, then the tooth can probably still be saved by placing a crown. If not, then it will have to be extracted, and perhaps replaced with an implant.

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A broken tooth after root canal treatment can generally be saved with a crown.

It is not uncommon that the coronal portion of a tooth that has had root canal performed can break. Between the access opening to get to the root canals during treatment and the remaining tooth structure being undermined, most times a crown procedure is performed, with or without a post placed, to restore the tooth to full function, strength and appearance. On rare occasions, a tooth can break in a manner that renders it unrestorable. This is generally when the fracture extends below the bone level and a poor "crown to root" ratio exists, meaning not enough healthy tooth remaining. Hope this helps!

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