I used Latisse and now I have hairs in the corner of my eyes. Will they go away?

I actually had to pluck them and it hurt for a few seconds. Should I expect them to grow back? I know if I quit Latisse altogether my eyelashes will go back to their initial form. Will it be the same with those hairs?

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Latisse Question

Unfortunately, hair growth outside of treatment area is listed under precautions. Latisse causes hair growth with longer, lusher eyelashes appearing over time. As long as Latisse treatments are continued, there is a good chance of the small hairs in the corners of your eyes growing back. If your treatments have stopped, they should not continue to grow if they were not growing there before Latisse. 

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As long as you are using Latisse, you will continue to see increase in growth, but if you discontinue using the product, your lashes will eventually return to their original state and the fine hairs growing on the corners of the eye will be reduced as well.  Try using a smaller amount of the solution overall and avoid the corners of the eye. The solution will migrate once applied, so you will still have even coverage. This should help.

Latisse dependent hair

The hairs that have grown with Latisse are dependent on Latisse. If Latisse is stopped they will go away. If Latisse is continued they will grow back even with repeat plucking. Eventually, they may stop.

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Hi Emerlyy,

Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, once you stop using Latisse you can expect your lashes and the little hairs in the corner of your eyes to return to their original state prior to Latisse application. 

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Latisse and Lash Growth

Hello Emerlyy,

Thank you for your question.  Latisse prolongs the growth cycle of lashes so the length of normal lashes grows for longer in all areas where the Latisse is applied.  As plucking usually doesn't damage the  hair root, you should expect that those lashes in the corner of her eyes will grow back and grow to be about the same length as they were before you plucked them.  If you stop using Latisse, after your lashes all fall out, they will grow out to be the length they were before you started using Latisse (this also means the lashes in the corners of the eyes will be shorter as well).  Hope this helps.

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