Blurry vision up close after Lasik 2 days ago, is this normal?

I had lasik done on 11/8/2016 because I couldn't see from far. Now 2 days after u can see good from far but a little blurry up close, is that normal? Feel like I was able to see better up close before the surgery.

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Blurry vision at near after Lasik

If you had Lasik for nearsightedness, then you should see as well up close after Lasik as you did before Lasik with your glasses on. However, before Lasik, you probably saw better up close with your glasses off than you did with your glasses on -- that's because you were nearsighted. If the near vision does not return to your preop level with the glasses, then maybe a touchup is necessary.

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Harder to read up close after LASIK

We all begin to lose the abilty to accommodate to read around the age of 40 as our natural lens inside our eye begins to harden. You don't mention your age but if you were a near-sighteded (can see up close better than far away) and starting to develop presbyopia (need longer arms as you get older in order to focus on things up close - usually around the age of 40), LASIK would have fixed the problem you had with seeing well at distance and simultaneously "fixed" the ability you had to read up close. A few ways to offset this would be to consider the Raindrop inlay at the time of LASIK or as a secondary procedure or refractive lens exchange with a lens that also corrects your ability to read up close.  

Melissa Toyos, MD
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