Risks of Radiesse While Breast Feeding?

Can I get Radiesse when nursing my 11 month old son?

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Radiesse injections during breast feeding

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Many physicians would rather not inject women during pregnancy or lactation because studies are never done in this population of patients to avoid risk and so we don't have data to support a claim that it is safe . It wouldn't even be considered completely safe if you pumped your milk and then had the injection because the product remains for months and no one can guarantee you, althouh it's hard to imagine any problem would occur, that there couldn't be some transfer of the new filler product through the circulation and into the breast milk.

As this is an elective procedure for cosmetic gain, it would be prudent to avoid the treatment until you are no longer breast feeding.

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Risks of Radiesse while breast feeding?

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Hi BI9000 in California,

The makers of Radiesse, Bioform, were bought out today by Merz pharmaceuticals. I doubt that either company will say that it is okay to recieve Radiesse while breastfeeding. You know how those lawyers can be if G-d forbid anything goes wrong with your little ankle biter in the next say....75 years. So our professional answer is no, wait until the little guy is off the teat.

Now if my wife were breastfeeding our little one year old, and couldn't wait for her Radiesse fix, I would think to myself, "What's the worst thing that could happen?.... the kid might have a little more facial fullness, maybe be a little less jowly." Then again, we'd be thinking about weaning him around now.

There have not been any studies on breast feeding moms and Radiesse for the obvious reasons cited above.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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