What Are Long Term Effects of Radiesse?

I had Radiesse injected about a year ago to augment my nose bridge and I was very happy with the results. Now, most of it has dissolved and I was going to get it again this week until I heard stories about granulomas. Should I be worried about this? Can you educate me more on the long term effects? Also, is it possible to "remove" radiesse from my nose during rhinoplasty? Is this a simple procedure?

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Granulomas from fillers

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Although granulomas can form after any filler, the prevalence is very low, especially with the hyaluronic acids, e.g. Restylane and Juvederm. It might be slightly higher with Radiesse.

Granulomas are the body's way of walling of a substance, by having immune cells, histiocytes, surround the material. The granuloma can remain in that area long term. It may be noticed by touching and feeling a hard lump, or could be seen on rare occasions. Some are treated by the injection of a corticosteroid, or prescribing a corticosteroid by mouth, or a systemic injection. Injection of saline into the nodule might break it up into little particles that can be removed by the body faster. Other nodules might have to be removed surgically, but this will leave a permanent scar.

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