Risk of Sagging Skin if Tissue Expanders Are Filled More That Implant Size?

Hi, I am in the process of reconstruction (nipple sparing BMX). My tissue expanders are at 250 cc, but my doctor plans to use 200 cc implants with about 1 cm lower projection. My TEs are too big for me now. They will be in for about 3 months. Will I be at risk for sagging skin after my exchange? Thanks!!

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How much to fill tissue expanders

Actually it is normal practice to fill tissue expanders past the volume of implant that is going to be used. This is because your skin has intrinsic elastic properties and when the expander is removed, it tends to shrink a little bit and can be too tight around the implant, requiring either a smaller implant or resulting in a less desirable shape. If you overfill then when it shrinks a little you still have enough skin for the implant you want to use. Your surgeon will also get clues from the physical exam telling him/her that the skin is ready or needs more expansion to accomodate your final implant.

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Risk of Sagging Skin if Tissue Expanders Are Filled More That Implant Size?

Hi sanfrangirl,

I understand your concern but it is routine to overfill the pocket to enable adequate space for the final implant. Some surgeons even feel that a slightly bigger pocket creates a more natural ptotic breast in combination with a teardrop implant. With only a 50cc extra stretch I do not think you would be at risk of sagging skin after your exchange.

Good luck on your reconstructive journey.

Derek Neoh, MBBS, FRACS
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