Tissue Expanders and Abnormal Test Results?

Can tissue expanders cause a false abnormal result on ekg and stress tests? I know that you should not have a MRI when you have TE in place. Wondering if this rule applies to other tests??

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Tissue expander and EKG

I must admit I don't know the answer to your question.  I am assuming you have the type of tissue expander with the integrated valve, as opposed to the remote valve.  I would think it possible for the metal to interfere with the signals recorded on an EKG.  I would find out which kind of expander you have, and then contact the company that made it to see what they have on this subject.

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Tissue Expanders and EKG/stress tests

Hi - that is a very interesting question you pose, and in searching the scientific literature, I could not find anything that mentioned a relationship between abnormal stress/EKG results and having tissue expanders in place. I suppose if the leads are placed directly over the metal port so it is blocking transmission from that particular lead, it could potentially alter your results. Best thing to do would be to repeat the tests with leads in a different place to make sure the metal port on the tissue expander is not in the way. 

Tracy Kayan, MD
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No problem with an EKG or Stress Test

There should be no relationship between an EKG and stress test and the fact that  you have a tissue expander in place.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Tissue expanders and abnormal tests

Tissue expanders shoudl not impact the results of your EKG or other studies.  Yes, you are right you can not have an MRI.

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Tissue expanders and abnormal EKG

The only way tissue expanders can cause abnormal EKG or Stress test is if there is not good contact between the EKG leads and the skin.


David Evdokimow, MD
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