Can eucalyptus oils make lips smaller?

I normally have full lips. Last night I accidentally put eucalyptus oil on my face instead of tea tree oil (they both have similar packaging) and surprisingly I did not even realize. it was pure and undiluted. the oil got on my lips aswell and started to tingle and burn like crazy. I wiped it off my lips, and somehow ly lips look thinner!! this is upsetting me so much. would an essential oil be able to shrink my lips? what is the reason for this? i am extremely upset :(

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Lip Injury?

Ashley.    Sorry you are going through this but I doubt that the eucalyptus oil damaged your lips. After a few days your lips should return to normal. If you are still concerned, seek out advice from a board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck!Good luck!

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Lip reduction

This is not a known phenomenon. I would see if there was another active ingredient in the product that you used. 

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