Revision Double Eyelid Surgery to Raise Creases? (photo)

I has double eyelid surgery two years ago, but the incisions were made too low. I don't have enough platform to wear eyeshadow. Would it be possible to put new incisions above the previous ones to raise my creases? I know the common way to raise creases is to remove more skin , but can it be accomplished without removing anymore skin? Because I think I already had too much skin removed in the previous surgery. Can this be combined with medial epicanthoplasty to form high parallel outside fold?

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I agree that your brows may need to be lifted..

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I agree that your brows appear a bit too low.  Raising them endoscopically would make the creases look higher.  I would perform the browlift first before considering any further eyelid surgery.  Removing more skin will only lower your brows even more.


You do not have any epicanthal folds, so a medial epicanthoplasty would not be appropriate for you.  You already have a parallel fold that does not merge with the inner corner of the eye.



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Honestly Not Possible to Answer this Question Without a Personal Consultation.

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Raising a crease is a simple matter.  A better question is will doing so have the desired effect you need.  In looking at you, it is possible because of your brow structure that you might benefit from a brow lift.  Also I notice that your upper eyelid is not well structured.  What I mean by that is your upper eyelid lashes are droopy.  This occurs when there is inadequate support or adhesion between the platform skin and underlying orbicularis oculi muscle and the levator aponeurosis tendon expansion.  Making this attachment is accomplished by removing a tiny strip of skin below the eyelid crease and performing an anchor blepharoplasty.  Taking your inside crease to an outside crease can be done and this is what a medial upper epicanthoplasty is for.  However, this scars unpredictably.  It could look great or not and for that reason, I think that procedure is high risk.

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