Can I Have Surgery for an Epicanthic Fold?

I also loved this fold that most asians have. I think this fold is beautiful. I always wanted to have. I wouldn't really look fake or something since I have olive skin and black hair and my other features wouldn't look bad with it either. If you can do it, how much money will you do it for?

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Creating an epicanthic fold

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It would be difficult to create an epicanthic fold in someone who does not already have it. I think it would be a mistake to try to accomplish this.  It will likely not turn out very good.

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Epicanthic Fold Surgery

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As an Oculofacial cosmetic surgeon in New York, I perform eyelid surgeries to enhance the shape of the eyes ("exotic eyes" or almond-shaped eyes). Creating an Asian epicanthal fold and making the eyes more puffy are atypical surgical procedures (and one which I would advise against as the results may not look natural). The use of makeup can sometimes help to achieve this look. It's important for you to meet with the specialist who can guide you with the types of procedures that realistically will benefit you.

Amiya Prasad, MD
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Epicanthal Fold Creation Surgery ??

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What you are referring to is the creation of an epicanthal fold rather than the removal of it. A medial epicanthoplasty treats an epicanthal fold but there is not surgery to create it. An epicanthal fold is an excess or a redundancy of medial eyelid skin. While it can be removed, there is not method to create extra skin to make it.

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